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RV Project Episode 6: Horse Pens 40 Bouldering

By May 14, 2012January 30th, 2014No Comments

The new video is up! The first Horse Pens 40 Bouldering episode features some footage from our time in New Orleans, introduces the Schultz family and Kenny, and finishes with some gorgeous night climbing captured with the crane. We hope you like it, as it’s Vikki and I’s first stab at editing footage on our own. Let us know what you think, either here or on our Facebook page.

Problems in the film: Bum Boy, Centerpede, Millipede, Hammerhead, Orchid, Hercules

The RV Project spent the weekend in Bloomington, IN, the hometown of such RVP characters as the Byronian Yeti, Neal “1-Arm on Whateva” Sipahimalani, Matt “Gimp Stylez” Morse (who just sent Jesus Wept (.12d) with a bum ankle), Pat “Bionic” Lafree, and a whole lot of dogs.

Indeed, the Wolter household is open, friendly, and full of golden cheer. If you ever wondered why Grumpy Golden appears at the start of our vids, wonder no more:

This is Kona. She’s 2 years old, likes ear scratches, and is a happy golden doodle. You wish she was yours.

This is old man Bo. He mostly does this. Massage his paws and he’ll do anything for you as long as it doesn’t involve going very far.

Meet Bear. He is 2 years old, likes running, and competes doggedly for attention with the other two goldens.

Lynn, Byron, and Steve. Between the dogs and the people, not a single dark hair.

Vikki and I will be dropping the trailer off for repairs in Edinburgh, then cruising Eastward towards the New River Gorge, then Duke, DC, New Haven, and finally Boston for my little cousin’s college graduation. Bloomington is a fun little town, and we look forward to returning in a couple of weeks, after all of our social obligations have been fulfilled. We got the Rebel T3i and will bring you photos and such from the long drive. Cheers til next time!

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