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Downsizing & Leaving Papi

By August 2, 2012October 20th, 20224 Comments

Today we leave Papi with heavy hearts. Okay, okay, we are moving only 5 miles away and we’re probably going to see our roommate, Adam Papilion, even more than we already do.  Nevertheless, we are a still a little dewy-eyed: the house on Constellation Drive was our first stationary digs since we left on the road trip over 5 months. And…moving is always a hassle.

We ended our tenancy at Adam’s with a grilling feast, followed by a Breaking Bad marathon with pureed banana ice cream in hand (and mouth). It’s dairy-free and incredibly addictive. Like crack. Seriously, try it at your own risk and don’t blame me when you realize you have hit rock bottom after punching the white-haired elderly lady because she took the last bunch of overripe bananas from the sale section at King Soopers.

So we packed up all our personal belongings (which we are very proud to admit fit nicely into the tiny new trailer) and moved into our good friend, and Adam’s heterosexual life-mate, Brad Jackson’s house. Thankfully, Brad has a nice dirt patch on his front lawn, which was maintained beautifully using the best lawn spreaders, where the new trailer fits perfectly.

Our first home in Fort Collins.

Capturing the last sunset at Adam’s house. Not that we’re that sentimental, it was just a gorgeous night.

As I briefly mentioned above, we found the perfect little 10′ trailer, hand-crafted by Bill, an animated tiny-house craftsman from Lafayette, Colorado. Bill was planning on keeping this gem to himself, but life circumstances prevented him from doing so. It’s exactly what we have been looking for, so thank you, Bill, for laying the groundwork for us (and building a way better trailer than we ever could).

After Byron left, Spenser and I knew we needed to downsize and restart. We’re not exactly sure what we want The RV Project to progress to, but we know we want less baggage. The losing of said extra baggage begins with with trading in Ernie, the 30-foot enormity, for the new 10-foot minimalist version (name yet to be decided upon). Over the next few weeks, we will be in construction mode building an elevated bed frame with storage underneath in the new trailer and a storage system in the bed of the truck.

We are planning to avail warehouse from to store things and will be staying at Brad’s during the construction phase of our summer, but he is a busy man with regular training sessions for himself and his clients at Summit Strength Training, while trying to get Colorado Strength & Conditioning up and running with Katie Lyman. Much of his work is done from home, so, we want to get out of his hair as soon as possible. We are psyched to start up the second part of road trip in early-to-mid September depending on weather, but will need a room to stay in until then. If anyone out there has an available room (reasonably) close to the mountains or construction advice for us, drop us a line! 🙂

The old RV Project. Over 53 feet of pedal to the metal…and still not going very fast.

Quite a bit smaller but even more of a baller.

A built-in sink and enough room for a 2-burner stove. A sublime basic kitchen for when the weather gets rough.

A blank canvas for us to build upon.


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