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Surprise Surprise

By November 12, 2012No Comments

We saw our families.

On Thursday, November 8, Vikki’s father turned 60 years old, and we flew back to the Bay Area to pop in and surprise him. Vikki and her mom conspired very cleverly, and when we showed up on Thursday morning he was utterly shocked. We spent the day eating gluten-free pizza, then driving to San Francisco for a fancy dinner.

On Friday, November 9, our good friend and CEO of Groopt Patrick Allen turned 27. We went over to the Groopt house to surprise him. We spent the night partying with our favorite entrepreneurs, sharing stories of triumph, and sake-bombing.

Matt Fultz flashing Bunny Crushers V9. Can’t wait to get back to Joe’s!

The rest of the weekend was a relaxing break from constant dust and cold nights, as we spent time with our families and friends. Since we’ll be spending Thanksgiving in Bishop this year (as per the usual), it was a perfect opportunity to get some quality family time in before we revel in turkey with our other family, the climbing family. We hung out and ate good food with Zack and Dan, whom you might recall from previous episodes, as well as our friends Chris, Sofie, Wendy, Drew, and Glenn.

As I type this, I’m squished into a seat on Southwest flight 868 en route to Salt Lake City. Our friend Scott was nice enough to drive us to the airport, and we left Bert sitting outside of his house. We’ll reunite with Bert, and spend the next week hopefully wrapping up some projects in Joe’s Valley. After that comes the long drive to Bishop, where we’ll fuel up with turkey for a month or so of Eastern Sierra bouldering.

Before we go, Vikki has to knock down Kill by Numbers, Big Cheesy, Spam, Baldwin Bash, and Vertical Ice. I need to finish Ghost King, and I need to try (and hopefully send) Black Dahlia, Resident Evil, Lactation Station, Nerve Damage, Trent’s Mom, and Beyond Life. Damn, that’s a long list for just a week…

We’ll report back. In the meantime, we posted some photos from Joe’s on our Facebook page.

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