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Spenser and I have been in a back-and-forth injury competition for months. I guess I have the heads up right now, though this is one competition I want both of us to lose. Currently, Spenser is back in action and gaining strength back rapidly. His progress has been raising my spirits and giving me something to look forward to when my pulley injury fully heals.

Spenser cruising Vendetta.

Spenser cruising Vendetta.

It’s been exactly two weeks since the pop and my finger is feeling much better, although not close to 100% yet. I just received my Acupressure Massage Rings in the mail yesterday, so I’m hoping a daily rub-down with these babies will speed up the healing process. If you are a climber (or someone who works with their hands frequently), these rings are a must! The rings range from giving you gentle to greater pressure, depending on your needs and finger size. I ended up buying a pack of 3 from Amazon since I wasn’t sure what I would prefer (I think I like them all, depending on my mood for massage). From my research, it seems like you can use them as frequently as you would like to increase circulation while breaking up scar tissue. You won’t believe how good your tired fingers will feel…

Trio of rings. Gold provides the most relaxed massage, while Black is the most tightest & most intense.

Trio of rings. Gold provides the most relaxed massage, while Black is the most intense. They can also be worn as a fashion statement.

Me playing around with the new macro lens on my Android phone.

Me playing around with the new macro lens on my phone.

I tried climbing for the first time a couple days ago. Sadly, my finger is not ready to hold onto anything except for a sloper (no jugs, no crimps, no flat edges). I taped my finger for support while climbing and it was throbbing when I took the tape off afterwards. I decided to take a couple days off again and will try to climb this evening. Just saw the problem Electric Fence for the first time last night and I can’t wait to go back and try it – all left hand slopers! Time to retrain my fingers (and mind) to enjoy open-handed holds! ::Wish me luck::

Other than my finger, life in Joe’s is really good. We’ve settled in with an amazing semi-permanent crew and have had a multitude of friends coming in and out over the past couple weeks to distract me from not climbing. Last night, we wrapped filming for our newest video project with Flannery Shay-Nemirow and Shannon Joslin. I won’t say much about it yet, except that I’ve posted a couple screenshots on Instragram and there will be more to come (#fivetenvslasportiva)! Also, the video was a blast to shoot – the ladies were just plain fun to work with. Yep, are now on Instragram, username thervproject. I’m trying hard to keep up with all the social media (a HUGE thanks to Katie from The Morning Fresh for being my social media mentor)!

Meagan on Worst Case Scenario.

Meagan Martin on Worst Case Scenario.

Flannery Shay-Nemirow sizing up Trent's Mom.

Flannery Shay-Nemirow sizing up Trent’s Mom.

Katie Peters crimping down.

Kati Peters reaching out to the crimps on Worst Case with Alex Johnson spotting (why does she look so terrified?!)

Philia, Shannon's dog, waiting patiently for us to wrap up filming.

Philia, Shannon’s dog, waiting patiently for us to wrap up filming.

28-inch pizza. 'Nuff said. Oh, and nice photobomb, Spenser.

28-inch pizza. ‘Nuff said. Oh, and nice photobomb, Spenser.

I’ve also started a yoga challenge for myself. Yoga everyday for 30 days. I’m been feeling crappy since I can’t climb, so this is my solution. I know that if I don’t create a challenge for myself, I won’t actually do yoga as frequently as I need to. Today was day #5! Only 25 to go… I’ve also just recruited Adriana Chimaras, a friend we met in Bishop this winter, to join in! It’s much nicer having someone there huffing and puffing next to you.

Adriana and her boyfriend, Steven Jeffrey, are in Joe’s Valley for the next foreseeable future working on a new bouldering guide for the area (YES YES YES YES!!!). They are not only writing the book, but also creating and fixing up trails while opening communication with the locals here so that we can keep Joe’s Valley open forever and improve amenities in the area. I can attest to all the work they have been putting it, it’s been a full time job for them and I am incredibly impressed with how seriously they are taking it. The current Joe’s guide gets you to the boulders, but is a disappointment in almost every other aspect. This new guide will not disappoint! Cannot wait– look out for it this Fall, if everything goes as planned. 🙂

Last Saturday, Spenser, Katie, Niko and I joined Steven and Adriana for the Orangeville City Cleanup. The positive response we received from the locals for participating put a huge smile on all our faces. They sent us home with hand-made Prairie Diamonds [see pics below] and more homemade food than we could eat! I would say the most memorable moment for me was when we arrived in the morning: I asked a local volunteer what the plan was and her response was, “What! You’re here to help?!” The shock was worth waking up at 7am for, no doubt. This also gave us the opportunity (especially for Steven and Adriana) to speak to a couple city council members about the upcoming guidebook. Hopefully this will give us climbers a bit of an “in” with the local community!

The Sprinter you can't miss, helping hold our clean-up tools.

The Sprinter you can’t miss, helping to hold work tools.

The boys helping get mess of the road.

Steven and Spenser helping to scoop dirt out of the road.

Our reward for helping.

Our reward for helping. Prairie Diamonds for all!


I’ll be in Phoenix this weekend and it looks like Spenser might be joining Katie & Niko at Indian Creek during that time. While I celebrate with a college friend’s graduation from medical school, Spenser will be climbing cracks. There has to a joke in there somewhere…


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