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Our usual Thanksgiving in Bishop. We're missing it this year, but there is much more to be thankful for.

Our usual Thanksgiving in Bishop: Chris and Kat making miracles happen in the Pit.

With us nearing 2 years on the road (February 24th, to be exact), we’re incredibly thankful for continuing to be able to live the life that we want to live. To our family and friends who supported us from the beginning…and even now, when a year has turned into indefinitely. To all the new friends we’ve met on the road the past year and 9 months: the kindness we’ve encountered along our exploration continues to surpass what we thought was possible. 

To climbing. Oh, climbing. The love of our lives. The Stone Mind puts it perfectly.

I guess today’s that day- where saying what you’re thankful for is virtually required. I do hope we all think about what we’re thankful for more than just one day per year. Just a thought…

Let’s start with present thanks. Zack Macfarlane is on a flight to Asheville, NC at this very moment. To visit us. That’s something to be thankful for. Also, he changed his ticket last night so that he wouldn’t fly into Charleston, WV since, due to an abrupt downturn in weather conditions, that would involve us driving through a snowstorm (and possibly dying) to pick him up. Super mega thanks to Cody Roney & Greg Ward for housing us this past week and now allowing us to crash your Thanksgiving last minute. Oh and letting ol’ man Zack stay at your place. The trust these climbers have! 😉

To Jessa and Pat, for inviting us to Thanksgiving and then letting us cancel. And of course, to Kat and Chris (whom we also cancelled with) for every Thanksgiving before this for five? six? years. We’ll raise a glass of bourbon and a turkey drumstick to you.

Last but not least, thanks to everyone we’ve ever met in passing, everyone who has spent a few minutes reading what we write or watching what we film, or who is out there doing cool things and letting the rest of us live vicariously through you. Thanks for the inspiration.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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  • Chris & Kat says:

    Cheers guys! Bummed that we weren’t able to meet up with the three of you for our traditional feast this year, but know that we were there in spirit. Perhaps a return to our Thanksbishing roots is in order for next year….

    Happy sending!

    • Spenser says:

      Yes indeed, perhaps some fried pit turkeys are in the cards. Either way, it was good to have you guys there in spirit, and also to see that there were still birds dunked in hot oil on your end!

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