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Carlo Traversi’s Birthday Challenge- Insane

By September 9, 2014September 24th, 2014No Comments

Folks, I’ve done some bouldering, and I’ve pushed my limits. I’ve even done a few harder problems, up to V11. I’ve also done literally hundreds of boulder problems in a day. I’ve been at it long enough to genuinely surprise myself from time to time.

What I have no freaking chance of ever doing is doing a fraction of the hard climbing that Carlo Traversi does for his 26th Birthday Challenge.

Veritas Assis, V11

Veritas Assis, V11

Attempting 26 boulder problems V5 or harder in Colorado meant doing an awful lot of harder climbs, since the bouldering skews in favor of the higher grades there. This is partly why his ticklist (below) is so totally absurd. Plus, I think Carlo just enjoys climbing hard climbs and making it appear effortless.

Of course, it’s not all good…anyone who’s bouldered knows how important it is to have skin in order to complete a problem. And guess what happens to your skin after a dozen hard climbs?

Will he complete his challenge? Press play to find out…

1. The Kind V5
2. Mr. Wimpy V7
3. The Kind Traverse V11
4. Crack Line V7
5. Whispers Of Wisdom V10
6. Storm Shadow Stand V10
7. Unnamed V6 (Cube Boulder)
8. Unnamed V5 (Cube Boulder)
9. Unnamed V6 (Cube Boulder)
10. Real Large V9
11. Hi Fi V11
12. Arete V8
13. Tommy’s (Other) Arete V8
14. The Donut Thief V9
15. Veritas Assis V11
16. Stripes V8
17. Menwax V7
18. Bulgin’ Out V8
19. Child Of God V10
20. Suzuki Boulder V5
21. Smile For The Blade V7
22. Just Rite V7
23. Hagan’s Wall V5
24. Curmudgeon V7
25. Bob’s Bulge V5
26. Undercling Traverse V9
11:20am – 9:20pm
Total V-Points: 201
V11: 3
V10: 3
V9: 3
V8: 4
V7: 6
V6: 2
V5: 5
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