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Latest Video: Kelowna Boulderfields

By September 20, 2014November 13th, 2014No Comments

At the end of June this year, we decided to travel to Kelowna, British Columbia to attend the Rock the Blocs Boulderfest. Outdoor bouldering comps are a guaranteed good time.

This one did not disappoint and we decided to shoot a few boulder problems the day after the competition.

Kelowna Boulderfields: Ripe for the Picking from The RV Project on Vimeo.

I’m especially excited/anxious to release this video- it’s the first edit in a long time that I’ve done the majority of on my own, making it an incredibly personal project. After the initial frustration and exasperation ebbed, I remembered how much I truly enjoy the editing process. It became my “I’m back in the editing game” piece.

Although it took an inexcusably long time to complete, I am happy with the finished product. I even got to beef up my After Effects chops and create a map graphic (a full day of work for 9 seconds of video… somehow totally worth it in the end).

Spenser contemplating life.

Spenser contemplating life.

The sunset that made them all stop.

The sunset that made them all stop and stare.

Kelowna, BC.

Kelowna, BC.

Next up for me is finishing up a film about Spenser’s first ascent in Bishop, CA this past April. With rain in the forecast after this weekend, we’ll hopefully be getting a lot of editing done in the next week.

Quite the line…here’s a screenshot.

"You Don't Know Jack" - Spenser named the line after his grandfather.

“You Don’t Know Jack” – Spenser named the line after his paternal grandfather.

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