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By December 6, 2014 March 16th, 2019 7 Comments

The hard-drives needed organizing. I needed a pick-me-up because it’s been raining for days. I love dogs and they make me happy. Spenser loves taking photos of them. I think that’s enough explanation.

Part wolf.

Almost stole him. [Bishop, CA.]


Philia will always be there for you. [Bishop, CA.]

Dirt barbie Philia. [Bishop, CA]

Zephyr & Amy.

Clearly a lens hog. [Zephyr & Amy in Bishop, CA.]

Fritz. Desert dog. Bishop, CA.

Fritz in her element. [Bishop, CA.]


Alison & a pirate dog, Loki. [Bishop, CA.]

The Hostel California’s mascot and the fanciest of the Crag Dogs. [Bishop, CA]

Still not sure if it’s a dog. [Bishop, CA]

Blurry but still adorable AF. [Bishop, CA]

Just for good measure.

Yes, it’s a miniature Australian Shephard. What will they come up with next? [Bishop, CA]

The seemingly preferred breed of climbers. [Bishop, CA]

No words. Also don't know the name. This is definitely in Bishop though.

I just died in your arms tonight. [Bishop, CA.]

Thank god I brought that battery powered fan.

Thank god I brought that battery powered fan.

That ear tho.

That ear tho. [Sampson in Squamish, BC.]

Simba much?

Simba much? [Charlie in Squamish, BC.]

Just sampling the flora.

Charlie, just sampling the flora.

There's sure to be a stick around. Brandy in the magical forest, Squamish, BC.

Her stick face. [Brandy in Squamish, BC.]

Don't look at me.

Don’t look at me. [Squamish, BC.]

Can't help but love that face. Piper.

So you’re telling me her tongue is always like that? ::Happy sigh:: [Piper in Real Cove, TN.]


I wish she was as distorted in real life. [Kora in Stone Fort, TN.]

There was snow on the ground.

There was snow on the ground. [Sarene and a cold pup in Grayson Highlands, VA.]

Always ready for her close up. [The Southeast]

Caught at Grayson Highlands.

I could totally take that load off your hands.

The one-and-only Beta dog. [Chattanooga, TN]

Two of my favorites. Mora and Amble. [Somewhere in the Southeast].

Daila mugging for the camera. [Southeast, I think]

Ruger, I can’t even. [Zahnd, Lookout Mountain, GA]

One of the best things about the Southeast? EVERYONE has a dog.

One of the best things about the Southeast? EVERYONE has a dog. [Courtney and something cute in the Southeast.]

Lesson: small dogs get cold, and fit well into jackets. [Joe’s Valley, UT]

Imagine how gorgeous dogs would look in hoodies. Get a cute adidog hoodie and give your pet a makeover.

This one, though.

Time for hot chocolate, I think. [ Lyra in Joe’s Valley, UT.]

Forever loyal Fynn. [Joe’s Valley, UT]

Calm and collected, Frida. [Joe’s Valley, UT]

A new addition to crag dogs, Walnut. [Joe’s Valley, UT]

Ok, probably not a Joe’s Valley crag dog, but I couldn’t help myself. ATV Pug. [Orangeville, UT]

Dumpster kitties outside the Food Ranch. Joe's Valley, UT.

Spending hours to get the grey one to let me pet her = my kind of rest day. [Dumpster kitties outside the Food Ranch in Joe’s Valley, UT.]

Two face. Kitty in Joe's Valley, UT.

Not a dog, but a damn fine crag Kitty.. [Joe’s Valley, UT.]

PANDA DOG! Rocky dog. [Bishop, CA]

Bishop cuddles. Because it’s cold. [Bishop, CA]

Some more double trouble. [Colorado]

Jered and his bestie. [Somewhere in Colorado]

Lefty might be the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. [Lander, WY]

Fritz using Rachel’s arm as a pillow. Pretty typical behavior. [Lander, WY]

Sender Films mascot and Pete’s sickekick, Macho. [Vedauwoo, WY]

Who’s a better gear model? Macho vs. Amble!

Classic sumo. [Red River Gorge, KY]

Ultimate crag dog pose. [I think this is the Red River Gorge]

Aquila the Great. [La Madera, NM]

About as sweet as a dog (and owner) can get [Northern New Mexico]

Shockingly, I couldn't pick just one Amblegram.

Shockingly, I couldn’t pick just one Amble photo. [Rumbling Bald, NC.]


I mean, could you? Really, though?

If I had to pick just one, this would be it. But, it's my blog post, so I don't. Boo-ya.

If I had to pick just one, this would be it. But, it’s my blog post, so I do what I want. Boo-ya.

Yin & yang. Squamish, BC.

Pre-cragging. [Spenser & Ivy in Squamish, BC.]


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