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By December 6, 2014November 10th, 20217 Comments

The hard-drives needed organizing. I needed a pick-me-up because it’s been raining for days. I love dogs and they make me happy. Spenser loves taking photos of them. I think that’s enough explanation. A few days ago I had some problems with him, suddenly he started barking at night, doing this for so long that he didn’t let us sleep. Luckily I found a page where they taught how to stop your dog barking at night time, I started practicing his method and since then I didn’t have that problem anymore.

As with any pet wellness trend, when it comes to CBD for dogs, there’s a lot of information floating around online, one of the most reliable sites is Tasteful Space. Of course, you want to do what’s best for your pup, which leads to the question: What do I need to know about CBD oil? is cbd for dogs safe?

Dogs can also suffer from anxiety, depression, insomnia, irritability, chronic pain and more. You can get dog treats here on this website and help your pet feel better.

Part wolf.

Almost stole him. [Bishop, CA.]


Philia will always be there for you. [Bishop, CA.]

Dirt barbie Philia. [Bishop, CA]

Zephyr & Amy.

Clearly a lens hog. [Zephyr & Amy in Bishop, CA.]

Fritz. Desert dog. Bishop, CA.

Fritz in her element. [Bishop, CA.]


Alison & a pirate dog, Loki. [Bishop, CA.]

The Hostel California’s mascot and the fanciest of the Crag Dogs. [Bishop, CA]

Still not sure if it’s a dog. [Bishop, CA]

Blurry but still adorable AF. [Bishop, CA]

Just for good measure.

Yes, it’s a miniature Australian Shephard. What will they come up with next? [Bishop, CA]

The seemingly preferred breed of climbers. [Bishop, CA]

No words. Also don't know the name. This is definitely in Bishop though.

I just died in your arms tonight. [Bishop, CA.]

Thank god I brought that battery powered fan.

Thank god I brought that battery powered fan.

That ear tho.

That ear tho. [Sampson in Squamish, BC.]

Simba much?

Simba much? [Charlie in Squamish, BC.]

Just sampling the flora.

Charlie, just sampling the flora.

There's sure to be a stick around. Brandy in the magical forest, Squamish, BC.

Her stick face. [Brandy in Squamish, BC.]

Don't look at me.

Don’t look at me. [Squamish, BC.]

Can't help but love that face. Piper.

So you’re telling me her tongue is always like that? ::Happy sigh:: [Piper in Real Cove, TN.] She loves training with CBD treats that I get on Los Angeles Times where you can check out more information.


I wish she was as distorted in real life. [Kora in Stone Fort, TN.]

There was snow on the ground.

There was snow on the ground. [Sarene and a cold pup in Grayson Highlands, VA.]

Always ready for her close up. [The Southeast]

Caught at Grayson Highlands.

I could totally take that load off your hands.

The one-and-only Beta dog. [Chattanooga, TN]

Two of my favorites. Mora and Amble. [Somewhere in the Southeast].

Daila mugging for the camera. [Southeast, I think]

Ruger, I can’t even. [Zahnd, Lookout Mountain, GA]

One of the best things about the Southeast? EVERYONE has a dog.

One of the best things about the Southeast? EVERYONE has a dog. [Courtney and something cute in the Southeast.]

Lesson: small dogs get cold, and fit well into jackets. [Joe’s Valley, UT]

Imagine how gorgeous dogs would look in hoodies. Get a cute adidog hoodie and give your pet a makeover.

This one, though.

Time for hot chocolate, I think. [ Lyra in Joe’s Valley, UT.]

Forever loyal Fynn. [Joe’s Valley, UT]

Calm and collected, Frida. [Joe’s Valley, UT]

A new addition to crag dogs, Walnut. [Joe’s Valley, UT]

Ok, probably not a Joe’s Valley crag dog, but I couldn’t help myself. ATV Pug. [Orangeville, UT]

Dumpster kitties outside the Food Ranch. Joe's Valley, UT.

Spending hours to get the grey one to let me pet her = my kind of rest day. [Dumpster kitties outside the Food Ranch in Joe’s Valley, UT.]

Two face. Kitty in Joe's Valley, UT.

Not a dog, but a damn fine crag Kitty.. [Joe’s Valley, UT.]

PANDA DOG! Rocky dog. [Bishop, CA]

Bishop cuddles. Because it’s cold. [Bishop, CA]

Some more double trouble. [Colorado]

Jered and his bestie. [Somewhere in Colorado]

Lefty might be the sweetest dog you’ll ever meet. [Lander, WY]

Fritz using Rachel’s arm as a pillow. Pretty typical behavior. [Lander, WY]

Sender Films mascot and Pete’s sickekick, Macho. [Vedauwoo, WY]

Who’s a better gear model? Macho vs. Amble!

Classic sumo. [Red River Gorge, KY]

Ultimate crag dog pose. [I think this is the Red River Gorge]

Aquila the Great. [La Madera, NM]

About as sweet as a dog (and owner) can get [Northern New Mexico]

Shockingly, I couldn't pick just one Amblegram.

Shockingly, I couldn’t pick just one Amble photo. [Rumbling Bald, NC.]


I mean, could you? Really, though?

If I had to pick just one, this would be it. But, it's my blog post, so I don't. Boo-ya.

If I had to pick just one, this would be it. But, it’s my blog post, so I do what I want. Boo-ya.

Yin & yang. Squamish, BC.

Pre-cragging. [Spenser & Ivy in Squamish, BC.]


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