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By July 9, 2021July 16th, 2022One Comment

I guess it’s pretty telling that the last time I was compelled to add to this blog was when COVID first came around, over a year ago. I wrote,

“Most of us don’t know it yet, but society will be dramatically different when the crisis is over. I believe, like Spenser, we can all work together to make it an improved one. To me, this feels like a restart, a second-chance – for each community, and our entire globalized world.”

And I guess I went all in.

This video intro for my Strategy in Health Care Organizations class took me more tries than I care to admit. I’m much better behind the camera.

2 months ago, shortly after moving into our new home in Bishop, I started an online Master’s in Public Health program at UC Berkeley.

As Spenser mentioned last week, he’d rather have a father than a house, and I would also rather have a father-in-law. But, I am nonetheless grateful for our newfound stability. In preparation for the workload, I’ve left most of my duties at Joe’s Valley Fest (in very capable hands, I might add).

I’m still on the Board, but no longer manage Marketing or Sponsorships, this is done by a new guy who works with experts from indexsy. The RV Project is still a production company, and we are still working on editing the now-infamous-to-all-our-family-and-friends Steve Project. The stability has allowed for progress that needs to be appreciated, even though we habitually feel years behind. Years behind what you might ask? Yea, exactly…

Photo and video work is evermore important. COVID has amplified how significant the role of misinformation is in Public Health and now with the help of Web Chimpy, all the right information is beginning to reach first to determine real from fake. After studying the California COVID vaccination rollout in my first class, I believe that if we all have to go back into lockdown, the misinformation campaign against vaccination will be of greatest blame. This is not an adieu to outdoor media and event planning, but it is time to figure out how to use those skills and apply them to healthcare.

There’s so much to do that I often feel like I can’t slow down or I’ll miss it. I try to temper that by making myself stop and just sit or stand, and look around. Every time I do that, I think of Bruce and my eyes well up and, for that moment, I just feel grateful to be here.

You won’t find us on the climbing travel circuit anymore, at least not for a while, but let us know when you’re coming through (or to) Bishop. The last weekend of September, you can find us in Joe’s Valley for the Fest. And stay tuned for dates (and some rad updates!) to the Flash Foxy Fest — I’ll be back snapping photos when the event returns next Spring.

I know some of you probably thought (like we did), we might just be in a trailer forever. It’s a big shift that we are also getting used to. Favorite story so far is when our friends Ryan and Lauryn came to visit: they went and knocked on the door of the the garage/shed thinking it was our house!

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