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A New Joe’s Valley: Updates in Emery County, Utah

By July 2, 2018No Comments

As we began planning for the 4th Annual Joe’s Valley Fest, my first email was to Josh Helke, founder of Organic Climbing. Organic has been the Headline Sponsor the past 2 years, and we were hoping they were game for another round!

“COUNT US IN! We love this event and have made so many local friends in the community outside of climbing through it!”


Because, back in 2015 when a few of us got together to start the festival, that’s exactly what we were hoping would happen.

A cold but fun day out during the first Fest!

The first Cowboy Games!









This got me to thinking about all the other awesome changes that have happened around Emery County since the Fest started. Of course, me and the rest of the Joe’s Valley Fest team know it’s not all because of us, we just love being a part of it all.

Joe’s Valley Fest registration at Cup of Joe’s!

Cup of Joe’s. Why yes, there is now a coffee shop in Orangeville! This cozy new addition has become the defacto headquarters of the Fest, because climbers just might love coffee more than they love climbing. Since the welcoming owners, Doug and Camie, were trained a Public Coffeehouse in SLC – the coffee is good, REALLY good (+ they offer lots of non-caffeinated options too!). It’s also a great place to go for climbing needs – they have a copy of the old guidebook you can take photos of, plus they’re the only place in the area you can rent Organic Climbing crash pads.

⇒ Increased support from the BLM and Forest Service which has lead to new facilities: there are now 2 permanent toilets! Emery County donated grant money to the Access Fund for local rehabilitation projects – some of which was used last spring when the Access Fund Conservation Team came and did major erosion maintenance and trail work in the area.

⇒ City park attractions for climbers. Castle Dale City added salmon ladders and a climbing wall (with Asana climbing holds!), and rumor has it they’re currently working on a zip line! Orangeville Welcome Park has new coin showers. See our Essential Guide to Joe’s Valley Living for more information on where to get clean around Joe’s.

⇒ More places to stay! There are quite a few new AirBnBs popping up that cater to climbers. Both the Joe’s Valley Boulder Haus (Left Fork and Right Fork) and The Hangout have been getting rave reviews.This year’s Fest will happen from October 5-7, 2018. As a reminder, the last day to buy pre-sale tickets is TODAY, July 2! Ticket prices will go up to $57 starting Tuesday, July 3rd. You can find more about the Festival at, and you can purchase tickets here.

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