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We voted, y’all.

Yes, there are small, positive holds in that sun-dappled overhang. 8B?

If you send me proof that you’ve voted, I will tell you where these boulders are. Seriously. Hit us up @thervproject. November 6th. Extra boulders for you if you can drag a millennial to the polls with you.

I spent 90 minutes with my 6 different ballots, reading Balletopedia and Bay Area newspaper op-eds to try to figure out if Yes or No or she or he will improve life for the majority of people I care about.

There were some tricky choices. Candidates with similar positions, bills with names that sound like things I like but with provisions that I don’t like, that kind of thing. All in all, though, it was pretty damn painless.

I voted in California. I’m a bit jealous of people who have an opportunity to cast a vote against, say, Ted Cruz, or Ron De Santis, or extremely-thinly-veiled-white-nationalist Steve King, or another one of these pathetic, ugly-souled power-suckers with the moral compass of a rabid possum. My most satisfying vote had to do with getting rid of the twice-yearly time shift known as Daylight Savings.

It’s not that I want the Democrats to win. I do, but only incidentally. What I’m really hoping for, what we should all hope for, is a strong statement by the American People that we reject the shittiness of the past 2 years. That we stand by the free press, by the minority groups, by the victims of domestic terror. That we give a shit about our international obligations, not to mention objective facts, reasoning, and a basic understanding of history. That we are not okay with our public lands being transferred to private hands.

I guess I’m hoping that, next week, America sends a message to the world that we are truly deserving of the global position we inhabit. And by 2020 at the latest, I hope we can send a message to the world along the lines of “We are so sorry. We fucked up severely and will not do it again.”

Now back to our regularly scheduled program of making media and bouldering on boulders…

Also, happy Halloween! Photo by Dawn Kish.

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